Some of our athletes who came to workout on a Tuesday afternoon, just hours before the rain came

During the off-season, the SJSU T&F Club prepares for the spring by conditioning at San Jose State High School. Continue reading


Got Milk?

Jared, Casey and Chris enjoying some FREE Muscle Milk after a hard Monday practice

At the SJSU T&F team, we like to reward ourselves after a hard day’s workout with some… milk!

After a tiring workout one Monday afternoon, a few of our athletes ran into none other than a Muscle Milk truck right outside the track. They had no choice but enjoy some complimentary Muscle Milks before the truck sped away. Hard work work pays off!

Welcome to the Track

Get your feet on the blocks and your hands ready at the start line, because the SJSU Track & Field Club is about to take off into its 2012-2013 season.

From the hard workouts at practice, to the sound of the gun on race day, the SJSU T&F Club has what it takes to take home victory.

Since its founding in 2006, the team has continued to grow in both athletes and strength.

So get on your marks, set and GO cheer for the SJSU T&F Club.

Go Spartans!